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Xiamen Ming Shun Technology Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, we have more than 10 years of enterprise service bus (ESB) construction experience. We locate: enterprise shared service platform provider

  • 2007:

    Starting with the telecommunications industry, such as: China Telecom


    Enter a banking or financial industry, such as an international bank


    With the implementation of the national Internet plus strategy, product upgrades, with a new look into the information market, Chinese traditional enterprises such as: state-owned listed enterprises in Fujian Province, the largest


    The Internet to build a platform, such as: evaluation platform: cloud Zhonglian evaluation( http://www.yunping.com ) 、Education platform: Kun Long Yunhai( http://www.klyh123.com )、O2O electricity supplier( http://www.Peanut plan.com )

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We have a full set of Internet platform construction experience: platform planning + technical service architecture + development platform + implementation plan + operation ideas.