Ten years focus on enterprise service bus ESB | EDI | AS2 | EAI | BPM | JAVA development platform 中文

  Contact information:Mr. Xue / 0592-5287365 / 180-3013-5046( WeChat the same )

Xue liangCompany founder/Technical director

  • Master degree candidate of Northwestern University

    In 1999, he was engaged in computer science and graduated from -2006
  • Once worked in HUAWEI, American Technology Corp and Xiamen, Limited by Share Ltd

  • Ten years focus on research and development of enterprise service platform. 2007 began the development of enterprises engaged in the service platform, the platform architecture has personally: Hainan Telecom, Hainan mobile, HNA Group, Xiamen international bank, Xiamen Kenfair, Xiashang group, cloud on duty ( http://www.yunping.com)、 Dragon cloud sea education platform http://www.klyh123.com)、Peanut plan( http://www.Peanut plan.com ) and so many super large, tens of millions of platforms。

wangwenjunproduct manager

  • SHe graduated from Politecn Milan in Italy in 2014 to promote interactive design.

    Through 4 years of foreign professional learning, returned home specializing in Internet product design.
  • Aquarius, bursting point is low, sometimes quiet, sometimes naughty; love a person quiet thinking, also love teamwork, for a common goal; love martial arts, love games, have by our courage, also down-to-earth persistence; love love architecture, interaction design, and firmly believe that design can create a wonderfull life for the people.

  • Has completed the design of a number of Internet platform, including study design, students for Italy residence platform "gray shared economy concept of personalized service trading platform design.

HettyArt director

  • I studied art for 20 years. I loved art at an early age. I was proficient in sketching, hand drawing, graphic design and Internet interface design.

  • According to the product prototype, the specific effect diagram design, visual design (including primary and secondary interface style, layout layout, detail processing, icon drawing, etc.)

  • Use animation to package the whole UI project, continuously follow up and perfect the whole interface effect of the product, optimize the product interface and user experience. The company's terminal posters, distributors, new posters, promotional posters design, according to the company planning and design catalog, logo, responsible for the company Outdoor panels publicity, stage publicity, product packaging design.