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Company profile

Xiamen Ming Yan Technology Co., Ltd. is a software park in Xiamen, has many copyright software research and development company. The founder of the company engaged in enterprise information system integration solutions from 2007, after 10 years of precipitation, industry research and Development Enterprise Service Platform Suite, has applied to the Hainan Province Telecom, HNA Group, Xiamen international bank, Xiamen Kenfair, Xiashang group and other large enterprises in the construction of the IT, and the application of the Internet platform on cloud Zhonglian and Kunlong clouds of national industry.

Our positioning

Enterprise sharing service platform provider, to create the upper and lower ecology of enterprises. The traditional enterprise information are based on internal staff, is a closed system, and the future of the enterprise information service, not only within the enterprise, but also to ensure that the upstream and downstream enterprises interconnection, and customers through the mobile phone can be checked in time to progress to the business. Our solution:

  • User centric in business
  • Technically, service centric
  • Decision making is centered on data
Ming Yan Technology

Characteristic function

Ming Yan Technology Ming Yan Technology Ming Yan Technology

Autonomous products

Our methodology

The process of IT informatization is also the process of enterprise service specification. We adhere to the 3S methodology: Service: service oriented; Standard: standardization; Simple: simplification.

Our empirical case

China Mobile China Telecom Xiamen International Bank King Dragon Life Xiamen C&D Inc. XinHeDa electronic MediaTek SEASHINE GROUP Construction logistics Cloud on duty Khun Long Yunhai Peanut plan